Top 7 Robotics Companies in India That Have Brought Industrial Revolution

Robotics in India

Artificial Intelligence is developing really fast in India due to the hard work and intellect of Indian researchers and scientists.

India is now a hub of the coolest robots by reaching great heights in robotics through Artificial Intelligence.

India is excelling in the development of different types of robots from multifunctional robots to humanoids.

India is now becoming an upcoming global market for industrial robotics. India currently has a worldwide market share of 15%.

Further research and development in the matter can help to take industrial robotics in India to a whole new height.

Because nowadays, automated high technology industries are blooming all over the world and the demand for the traditional large scale industry is rapidly declining.

Robot-based production increases productivity, and quality and decreases the cost of labour.

These also make the manufacturing jobs easier. Work conditions are improved as these offices are neatly spaced and non-polluting. It also leads to better utilization of resources.

Top 7 Robotics Companies That Have Brought the Industrial Revolution

Here is a list of the top 7 robotics companies in India that have contributed to the growth of the Industry. 

1. ABB

This company developed a very famous collaborative robot named YuMi. It caught the attention of our Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi. YuMi is not fenced like other robots, it has amazing grippers.

The research and development centre of ABB in Bangalore, India is one of the largest globally.


ABB has almost 9000 employees out of which 3000 are engaged in research development and engineering units.

In 2009, ABB implemented the smart grid project in India and executed 6 SCADA installations all over India.

ABB has also developed automatic solar pumps. It has also collaborated with IIT Madras, in order to build and supply microgrids in rural areas.

2. Gridbots

This company was started in the year 2007 and is a famous industrial robots manufacturer.

It is an Indian robotics company that has brought the industrial revolution. It has significantly contributed to Artificial Intelligence, machine vision and robotics.

The ultra-high-performance system developed by the company is used extensively in the industries.

These serve a lot of important functions such as:

  • defect detection
  • sorting application
  • grading applications

The clients of Gridbots are highly satisfied with their robotics solutions.

3. Sastra Robotics

Sastra Robotics is famous internationally and is a very common choice of leading enterprises such as Robert, BOSCHE, HCL, Tech Mahindra etc.

They have amazing robotic solutions to allow a high level of automated functional testing of real gadgets and equipment.

It is really important and considered one of the top robotics companies in India that helped in the industrial revolution because it is the only robotics company in India that provides electronic industrial services, automotive industrial services and services in the aviation sector.

They have collaborated with 50+ MNCs and have had multiple success stories.

4. Systemantics

It is a very famous robotics company whose headquarters are in Bangalore, India. Their main aim or goal is to establish a widespread adoption of automated functioning of industries through the use of advanced robotics.

This will boost the industrial growth of India on a large scale as it will give us better quality results in a short amount of time.

Several innovations include underwater robotics, basic robot arm technology, walking machines, and high-quality industrial robots that have affordable solutions.

This company was started in 1995. An interesting fact is that this company is a home-grown company and is dedicated to manufacturing Robot-based products.

5. KUKA Robotics

This is a part of a large robot group named KUKA. Here in KUKA, they offer you a large variety of industrial robots. These are manufactured to suit the various needs of different manufacturers or industries.

So there are a lot of options to choose from and KUKA robotics guarantees you that the manufacturers are going to find the right one suited for their purpose.

The application may be challenging but KUKA robotics has easy solutions for you. A great advantage of KUKA robotics is that the robots are cost-effective and they will also provide you with a comprehensive selection of used robots.

They are also known for the sales of controllers, software and so on. The company has over 4000 employees all over the world.

Their client list includes top companies in automobile, engineering and non-engineering. This company was founded in the year 2006, with its headquarters at Gurgaon.

6.DiFACTO Robotics

This company is primarily known for its services in robotics and automation. It is one of the top robotics companies in India that helped in the industrial revolution. The headquarters of DiFACTO robotics is situated in Bangalore.

Their popular services include offline programming, onsite robot programming training, design services, robot simulation and training.

Top manufacturing and technology companies in the world are collaborating and are partners with DiFACTO robotics.

Solutions offered by DiFACTO robotics are Arc Welding lines, Automotive BIW weld lines, robot-based systems for foundry, plastic cutting, sealing and tending.

The top software products developed by DiFACTO robotics company are, Roboguide, Robostudio, Motoism.


It is also one of the leading robotics companies in the world. The headquarters of this company is situated in Satara, Maharashtra.

This company was started with the main aim or target of boosting industrial production through automation.

It is recorded to have provided over 3000 automated solutions to the world, which is why it is the top global automation company.

Its help is immeasurable in providing conceptualization, automated solutions, manufacturing and implementation of advanced manufacturing systems.

Technocrats who had experience and expert knowledge to understand the requirements of the Industry had started and are part of the company.

This company was established in the year 1991 and has currently employed more than 970 people. Increasing the productivity of their customers is the main focus of the company.


The future of India is bright in the field of development of robotics, automated manufacturing and Artificial Intelligence.

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